Rider Concern: ☀Is Uber Safe To Take Alone?

Uber the mega rideshare app has played a huge role in steering the on-demand private car service that is power-driven by non-employed drivers. Uber work model is way too different from what the typical TAXI companies are known to operate in.

Mainly because when drivers signs up to be an Uber driver, they become independent contractors. Because of this some riders, especially females – are a little leery about using the service. But, Uber doesn’t hire any guy name Joe off the street, they actually perform a multi-level background check.is-uber-safe-to-take-alone

It’s a known fact that Uber drivers present a safer and convenient way for passengers to get to the airport, a hassle-free way to get home, and even deliver orders via UberEats from restaurants as well as UberRush that can deliver your packages locally on-demand, in certain markets of operation.

Uber, one of the biggest private taxi chains in the USA and other countries has came to be a very good alternative.

You should know that no means of transportation is 100% safe. Incidents or accidents are prone to happen; no company or system can predict when, if or where trouble will occur.

However, Uber continues to invest in their platform to enhance safety; as they know that your life is a precious one.

For example, in California riders can no longer street hail and any trip a rider request is no longer anonymous. Riders can now see their driver’s first name, rating, photo and license number.

Since safety has always been a top priority for Uber, they perform a global review thoroughly where they assess areas that needs improved safety measures the most.

In fact, back in 2014 they announced the establishment of their Uber Safety Advisory Board. A small group of 4 experts with top-notch backgrounds in different areas of safety.

In addition, when it comes to female safety, Uber is working with Rainn to train team members regards to dealing with conflict resolution, women protection and road safety.

Now lets take a look at some of the other things Uber has in place nationwide.

Pickup Program:

This is one of the very first things that Uber has done to enhance the security of riders. When you log on and book a ride via the Uber app, it detects your location. Uber is tracking your vehicle every move. There are many advantages of this feature especially to women when traveling late at night.

Cashless Payment:

This is another very attractive feature of the Uber app, which will leave you dazzled about it.

Your trip’s fare is automatically billed through the credit card or payment method you have on file.  Thus, there is no need for you to carry any cash.

Even if there is ever an issue like you made a mess in the driver’s car and you would like to compensate them,  going through a toll booth or parking fees, you are not required to hand your driver cash. Everything will be billed via your Uber account. Do not let the Uber driver tell you otherwise.

Selfie Compulsion:

Selfies are no longer just for social media. Introducing the real time identity check. This latest feature Uber has launched is something we couldn’t miss talking about here.uber-driver-selfie-feature

With the help of this program, it has become easier to keep a eye on whose really behind the wheel driving your Uber.

Here are some points about this program by Uber:

All drivers must take a selfie before going online to pick up riders. Then, throughout their shift, the driver may be asked to submit another selfie.

With this feature in place, the vehicle will start only after driver enters his selfie into the system.

After the drive enters his selfie, with the help of Microsoft Cognitive Services – the system checks the data. In case, the selfie is of the registered driver, the driver may continue. If the selfie check does not match up with the photo Uber has on file, their account will become blocked.

There are many advantages of this practice, one is to make sure that riders are being driven by the right approved drivers. This will also help in looking out  for the safety of the Uber drivers too.

For instance, if someone steals an Uber driver’s vehicle, this ID verification process will make it nearly impossible for them to get online to pickup passengers under this person’s account. And if the criminal is dumb enough to attempt the selfie check – oh well, chasing and catching him becomes easier.

GPS Assist:

This is another common feature Uber has. All drivers are equipped with GPS. It helps in locating the shortest route to your destination. How this is considered a safety feature? Because at the same time, you can see via the app if your driver is on the right route or not.

GPS assistant is especially helpful when you travel in unknown territories.

Is Uber Safe For Female Passengers?

Below are features popular among women who fear of using Uber alone.

Share Your ETA:

This is another highly appreciative step to enhance the security of the rider.is-uber-safe-for-female-passenger

You can easily share your route information with your loved ones. In case of any problems, they can easily check your Uber whereabouts.

It also helps them to know expected time of your arrival. This is very helpful when you are in a different city going to meetup with relatives or  friends.

Keep Your Number Confidential:

Here’s another one that help ensures everyone’s safety. This is especially helpful for the female riders that could be potentially harassed by their Uber driver. This also help you to avoid any unnecessary calls and messages from driver.

The number Uber display for you and your driver is not either of your real numbers.

If you need to contact the driver or the driver need to contact you after the you have requested your trip, you both will be able to do so via the app.

If you need to contact your driver after your trip has ended, you will be able to enter a call back number via the app and the Uber system will ring your phone and make the anonymous connection.

Uber also do not give the driver any of your personal account information like full name or email address. All the driver sees is the rider’s first name listed on their account, picture if they have one and rating.

Round The Clock Support:

You do also have round the clock support from the Uber customer executives to help you out. Many of them are out there eagerly to help you at any given time.

In case, you have any problem during the ride or getting the Uber, they are there for you. There is also a response team in case of any serious issue.

But even with all these securities, anyone may be face with some problems when they are alone or traveling with someone. Therefore you must be quite attentive while on rideshare ride.uber-safety-concerns

Here’s something we suggest you pay close attention to while taking a Uber.

■ Check the vehicle details like make, model and tag number via the app before you get in the Uber.

■ Always note the tag number of the Uber and send its image to your loved one for extra precaution.

■ Ask for your driver’s name and verify it immediately against what you see in the app.

■ Make sure your driver is the one driving and not a friend or family member. Even if your driver is in the passenger seat and use some lame excuse to way they are not the one driving, this is unacceptable. Your driver should not have any other passengers in the vehicle while picking you up unless you requested an UberPool.

In case, you have any suspicion, it is best to cancel, notify Uber and request a new driver. For the most part, Uber is a highly-respected and trusted rideshare app with verified drivers. These drivers have a safe track record which means an added layer of security.

Thus, you have full security while commuting at days or nights.

Page Updated: 2/02/2017

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