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How To Use Free Ride On Uber?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 05:07 AM / Comments Off on How To Use Free Ride On Uber? / 2182 views

Community Question: How To Use Free Ride On Uber? Today we will go over to important info you should know about promo codes. It’s imperative that if you are going to rideshare, you know how to do it right.

But how to get promo code for Uber? Good question. If you already have a promotional code that you would like to use with Uber, you could enter it easily via the app by tapping the little man with the circle around it at the top left of the app, then select “promotions”. On this screen, you will be able to enter the promotion and tap apply.How To Use Free Ride On Uber

Likely this is either a promo code from a friend that referred you or a promotional offer that Uber has going on for existing users. If you are an existing rider, please understand you will not be able to use any promo code that you have probably found on the internet.

So don’t get mad if a random code you pulled off a website doesn’t work.

One of the things we have distinctively figured out about the Uber app is that sometimes the app will not let you know if the promo has been entered successfully. That’s why you should NEVER assume and double check before requesting a ride!

If you are not a first time Uber rider, then the only other way to earn free trips is by inviting some people you know to sign-up under your personal invite code. Your invite code is located in the app, just tap the main menu (little man icon, upper left corner) and select free rides. You will not receive your free ride credit until your friend take their first ride.

Therefore just by sharing your code will not get you a free ride. That person must actually take their first free ride! Remember folks Uber can disable promos at anything if they suspect fraud. Meaning they do not have to honor a promo offer if they have found your account to be fraudulent.

The best way to stay promo and account fraud free is to not sign your friend up from your phone, do not use the same payment method as your friend and lastly do not share your invite code in places where you are not the primary owner of the content.

This means you can share your invite code on your personal social media pages, but you cannot display them on coupon sites and buy ads via Google or Yahoo. It might work at first but eventually you will get caught and be blacklisted forever from Uber!

No matter what code you put on your account or if you are expecting some free rides from referring some people, we recommend double checking your account and see that you truly do have a free ride available.

Sadly, you cannot check this in the app. However, if you log-in to your account at and look under the “PROMOTION” section.

If you have any active free rides available they will display here. If you do not see anything there that means you have none available.

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