Community Question: How to Delete My Uber Account?

So for whatever reason, you are now ready to completely delete your Uber account.  A lot of people decide to delete their account because they are not using the app any longer.

By the way, you can always leave your account open just in case you will need it one day. If you are worried about your credit card being on file, typically it’s safe and you will only be charged when you take a ride.

However, if you lose your phone it would be wise to log-in to your account online and change your password. This will kick-out any unauthorized devices.

Cancel Uber Account

But, how do you cancel the account?

We’re sure you have looked everywhere in your app and you probably have even logged in online to your account looking for that cancel or delete button!

Frustrating, yes!

It seems like more and more companies now are eliminating self cancellation and we’re sure it’s for good reason. Especially with so much account fraud now days. Also eliminating self account deletion will give the company to fix any issues that may other wise would be missed if customers were able to do it themselves.

How To Delete Your Uber Account

Direct Access to Cancel

If you are a rider and would like to cancel/delete your account with Uber, you would need to contact Uber. At one time, you could just send an email directly to customer support to get it done, but now days you will have to go here click on ‘Sign-in to get help’ and then answer two questions. 

Do you wish to delete your account? and Share details on why you want to cancel. An agent will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Update: You can delete your account via the app. Simply go to the privacy settings in your app, then scroll to the bottom where it say ‘Delete Your Account’. You will then get a message that reads:

“Sorry to see you go. When you delete your account, it will immediately be deactivated and permanently deleted after 30 days. This will also delete your account on the UberEATS app.”

You have the option to cancel or continue. This will delete your account.

Driver-Partner Accounts

Drivers that wish to no longer partner with Uber and would like their account cancelled can do so by clicking here. You too will need to log-in to your account in order to contact Uber support.

Business Profiles

If you have a business account and would like to remove one of your employees or contractors profiles, please log-in to your account here and let Uber know the name of the profile you wish to delete.

Word Of Caution Here:

If you are cancelling your account because you are trying to create a new one so you can get a free ride under the new account, then forget it. Almost 100% of the time, the security system will detect this and either banned your account or not apply the promo code. And you will end up paying for the ride when you thought it was going to be free.

This is tricky because the Uber app will give you the impression that the promo code was successfully applied, but later you will find yourself being billed for the trip you thought was going to be free. Then, you probably gonna try to contact customer support and demand a refund.

But don’t hold your breath for that refund because the agent will tell you the reason the promo was not applied, which in this case, you deleted one account just to create a new account for a free ride – this violates their terms and conditions


Since the recent #DeleteUber fiasco that came about because Uber allegedly allowed drivers to operate to and from the airport as protesters protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Since local taxi drivers went on strike – people think Uber should have did the same.

Not everybody support the #DeleteUber.DeleteUber Trump Ban

However, if you truly want to delete Uber (even though we wish you didn’t), deleting the app only from your device will not get rid of your account. You will need to contact Uber here and request deletion.

In the past, account deletion was done manually by reps, however, they have implemented an automatic process over the weekend to handle these requests.

Now when you request cancellation of your account, you will get back an email requesting you to request deletion by confirming your password.

How To Delete My Uber Account Updated on 1/1/2018
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