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How Is It To Work For Uber?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Thursday, 09 Jun 2016 01:03 AM / Comments Off on How Is It To Work For Uber? / 1066 views

How Is It To Work For Uber? Fast Facts: Open in 2010| Headquarters: San Francisco|Employees: Nearly 10,200!

According to the latest update, Uber have spread across 449 cities and over 66 countries worldwide. So, it is for certain that you have already heard about this very online transportation network company. The idea is very simple; with the Uber app (which you need to download on your smartphone) you can request for a car ride to reach a destination of your choice.

As of 2015 it was revealed that Uber is worth around 62.5 billion dollars; hence it is safe to say the company has taken the right part of success. This reality, however, was not at all expected when the company was started in March of 2009.

But, the easy to use app, effective and quick response/service and of course, the fair pricing have made Uber a favorite of everyone today. Uber is constantly coming up with new updates and features and for that reason you can expect their rate of success to grow further in the coming future. And thus, it is not a surprise that everyone is applying for a job with Uber.

Positions Up For Grabs

Just like any other big name, Uber also requires a lot of manpower to make sure all operations is running smoothly. Those who are interested to work for Uber have the option to work in the following area:

Finance and Accounting
Global community operations
Local market
Growth marketing
Operations and Launch
People and Place
Safety and Security 
Public Policy

Uber New Interviewing Process

To keep up their popularity and also in order to effectively help out their customers and employees, Uber has a very strict interview process. In the beginning, the company use to conduct 3 to 5 interviews where the interested candidates had to answer a series of common behavioral questions. And this is how the hiring process took place. But, currently Uber has changed their interviewing process in order to pin point the best candidates. 

So, nowadays a candidate will be judged according to his/her ability to analyze many data points which will be based according to the position the candidate have applied for.

According to Uber, they look for candidates who can handle themselves effectively in a dynamic and high-pressure situation and has friendly personality and a very strong work ethic. So, a candidate may be required to answer 30 to 50 scenario based questions to impress the company. 

Benefits That Follows

Yes, it is true that getting a job at Uber will definitely build your career as the salaries paid to employees are extraordinary and very generous. In fact, it is seen that Uber has gone out-of-the-way to make sure that their employees have the best job benefits. Here are just some of the perks that all Uber corporate employees enjoy:

Dental/Life/Vision Insurance and Health Care
Retirement and Pension Plans
Performance Bonus
Work from Home
Paternity and Maternity Leave
Flexible or Reduced hours
Sick leaves
Paid extended leave 
Vacation and paid time off
Apprenticeship Program
Diversity Program and many such others.

Some Of The Fun Perks 

It is said that Uber employees have one of the best job as the company offers some amazing perks. From employee discounts to free company car to employee assistant program to gym membership; there is a lot more that this company offers. Many employees love the fact that Uber spoils them with a wide array of free lunch and snacks every day. But, the best perk will have to be the Uber Employee Party.

Office parties are known to be boring but when Uber throws their Employee Party expect it to make it to the front page of the newspaper.

If renting a cruise terminal and transforming it to a silent disco wasn’t fun enough, Uber once hosted a top-secret party for its employees in Las Vegas. Free stuff, all night partying at some of the hottest spots and staying at luxury hotels are just some of the add-ons of the Employee Parties of Uber and each year the surprise gets bigger and better. 

Don’t Think That Uber Forgot About The Drives

The fact cannot be denied that the Uber drivers have a hand when it comes to the success of this company. Thus, Uber also treat the drivers working under the company very fairly also. From discounts on their personal cell phone bills to discounts at major auto maintenance retailers, there is a lot that Uber offers to the drives. In fact, the drives are also provided personal health insurance recommendations.

So by this it is safe to say that anyone who is associated with the company Uber will definitely get some of the best work advantages. 

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