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How Does Uber Time Charge?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 29 May 2016 01:07 AM / Comments Off on How Does Uber Time Charge? / 1147 views

Rider Question: How Does Uber Time Charge? There’s been some confusion on how time is charged on fares. Today we will do a quick breakdown so you can understand better.

For all Uber fares the fare breakdown is:

Base + (Distance OR Time) = Uber Fare*

In order to calculate your fare, Uber takes GPS data from your ride and charges for distance or time depending on your driver’s speed.Uber Time Charge

– When your Uber is traveling over 11 mph, Uber charge a distance rate.
– When your Uber is traveling at or below 11 mph, Uber charge a time rate.

Every Uber ride, then, typically has both time and distance rates.

Keep in mind that sometimes there are other additions too – you can find those with the full fare structure by locating your city at

Don’t forget you can always get an idea of what a fare will cost ahead of your ride if you’re using our app.

To do so, select your car preference and pickup location, then tap ‘Fare Quote’ to enter your destination and see the range of what similar trips typically cost.

Keep in mind that Uber’s fares often fluctuate for similar routes depending on traffic, tolls, and special route requests.

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