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Drunk Female Uber Passenger Beats Up Driver

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Thursday, 21 Jan 2016 15:39 PM / Comments Off on Drunk Female Uber Passenger Beats Up Driver / 1571 views

Disturbing Video: Anjali Ramkissoon Uber Passenger Beats Up Driver

This one young Miami lady became pretty abusive while trying to take someone else Uber ride and the driver (Jorge) who did the right thing refused to take her. You can hear the Uber driver saying call 911. Apparently no one did. You can see in this video the driver doing his best to restrain this woman as she tries to kick and smack him. And at one point he breaks away and pushes her to the ground and run and jump in his car. But, the driver was not smart enough to lock the passenger side door because before he knows it, the young lady is back up and gets in his car.

And the assault continues… The driver exit his vehicle and she then began throwing stuff out of the driver’s car at the driver all while yelling and cursing. The driver finally called 911 himself. While he’s on the phone with dispatch, the girl can be seen vandalizing the inside of his vehicle throwing tons and tons of stuff out the window. Everything from what is probably important papers, his iPhone and a pair of scissors. Once this crazy chic is done literally cleaning out the Uber driver’s vehicle, she then say something like “I guess am done” and gets out the car and start walking away down the street. You can see the driver walking behind her and the video cuts off.Uber Passenger beats up Uber driver

This is so sad. And our hearts break for this guy. But, kudos on how he handled this situation. Many may argue that Uber needs to do more to protect their drivers, but how can they? Incidents like this is very likely to happen in this industry. Very unfortunate situation.

So who is this chic? Meet neurologist Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon. So what happened? Well, the police eventually showed up as the doctor was getting into another cab.

It wasn’t until they handcuffed her and put her in the back of the patrol car she decided to come to her senses. She began to cry and apologize and said she would lose her medical license. With that being said, the driver decided not to press charges, but settled with the doctor with an unknown sum of cash.

If it wasn’t for this person recording this altercation, Dr Ramkissoon would had gotten away without any real consequences.

Another reason why all drivers should be like Uber driver Edward Caban and invest in a dashboard camera and maybe some pepper spray too. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Update: What we know is that Uber has suspended her account and Jackson Memorial Hospital where she was a Uber Miami Doctor Attackfourth-year neurology resident stated they have put her on administrative leave.

The hospital spokesperson said Anjali was removed from all clinical duties.

They have launched an internal investigation and the outcome will determine if other disciplinary actions should be taken, including termination.

Well there you have it!

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