Driver Discussion: ☀Does Uber Verify Insurance?☀

If you would like to become an Uber driver, you must meet a few requirements and one of those are to provide proof of insurance. You are required to have either personal or commercial auto insurance depending on the driving opportunity you apply for. Uber does verify all insurance that is uploaded and submitted to them.

It appears as if everybody loves to ride Uber nowadays – aside from the conventional taxicab organizations, obviously. Whether you’re the one utilizing the Uber app to take a ride to your destination or you’re the driver participating to make some additional money – regardless, a wide range of individuals are ubering around!

One topic that always come up from both riders and drivers is about the insurance coverage for Uber drivers and their vehicles. Does a driver need to buy his or her own commercial insurance? What about personal insurance?

This has been troublesome for pretty much everybody to make sense of. Therefore let’s jump into some frequent asked questions regarding Uber insurance.

Q. Does Uber verify insurance?
■ A. Yes, Uber has an entire team dedicated to just verifying documents. They are even trained to spot fake, altered documents on the front end.

Q. What will happen if someone get caught falsifying their insurance?
■ A. Obviously this type of individual will not be welcomed to proceed in the application process. Even if the person try creating a new account and submitting a new application it will not work. Their information has already been flagged so they shouldn’t even waste their time, they will be rejected!

Q. What if my insurance has expired?
■ A. If you are applying to be a driver and your insurance has expired or even temporary suspended due to non-payment, you still will have a chance to get on with Uber. This is different from falsifying your document. In this case, all you need to do is get your insurance back in good standing and submit the updated info to Uber.

If you are a current driver and your insurance expired, then you will be automatically deactivated off the platform. You too will need to get your insurance in good standing, then update the new policy to your dashboard or email it directly to Uber for processing.

Q. Do I need commercial insurance?
■ A. Well that depends. uberX drivers do not need commercial insurance. Actually you cannot have commercial insurance on the uberX platform. Commercial insurance is only need for the professional drivers on the BLACK platform.

Q. What kind of insurance is needed for uberX?
■ A. For all Uber based products like uberX, XL, uberSELECT, etc., you must have insurance that meets the minimum required personal insurance in your state. For example, California drivers must have at least $50,000 per person in a mishap, $100,000 for accidents, and $30,000 in property damage. Uber will let you know if you do not have the proper coverage. If you do not have the state minimum, then Uber will give you a chance to get it if you want to continue with their onboarding process.

Q. Does Uber have an insurance policy for drivers?
■ A. Uber as of now has their driver covered under $1 million of liability, $1 million of uninsured or underinsured motorist, up to $100,000 between trips bodily injury coverage.

○ Q. I’m listed as an additional driver on my insurance policy, will that be okay?
■ A. Yes. this will be fine. Please submit the proper documents to Uber showing you are an additional driver on the policy.

Q. I’m an added driver on my parent’s policy and Uber rejected by insurance?
■ A. Likely, you submitted the insurance card or some kind of insurance document that either only had your parent’s name on it or you submitted the wrong document altogether. Some auto insurance companies do not list added drivers on the physical insurance card – instead they will be listed on the declaration page(s). If the insurance card do not have your name listed, then you need to submit your policy declaration pages.

○ Q. I do not have access to a scanner, how can I send my documents?
■ A. Please take a clear photo with your phone and upload it to your account or email it to them. There are also apps available that can turn your phone into a scanner or copy machine.
Page Updated 1/28/2017

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