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Does Uber Call You When They Arrive?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 14 Feb 2016 03:19 AM / Comments Off on Does Uber Call You When They Arrive? / 1751 views

Question: Does Uber Call You When They Arrive?

Answer: If you are wondering if your Uber driver will call you once they arrive, the answer is maybe – maybe not. Yes and no.

Most drivers will give your a courtesy call once they have arrived, while others will not. Uber do not have any kind of policy or system in place that will guarantee you a phone call each and every time. Does Uber Call You When They Arrive

The best thing to do is watch your app, as your driver get closer to you, you should be preparing yourself to meet them outside. If something has all of a sudden came up and you no longer need your Uber, please read more about Uber cancellation policy.

Once the driver has physically gotten to your location, the app will notify you. Or, in some cases the driver will give you a call, but don’t always count on it.

If you need to contact your driver to see where he’s at or anything, you can do so by tapping or sliding up on the bar at the bottom of your screen. From there, select **Contact Driver** to call or text.

Please note that Uber uses temporary and anonymous numbers for trips, so neither you nor your driver will have each other’s real numbers.

Safety Tip: Always, always confirm your driver’s name and photo, license plate, and make and model of the vehicle when they arrive to ensure you’ve got the right ride.

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