Question: Do You Tip Uber Drivers?

Answer: Tipping is not a requirement on the Uber platform. However, according to Uber service policy since drivers are independent contractors, they can ask for a tip. At this time, tips are not part of the payment you make at the end of your ride. If you decide to tip it will be at your own discretion and your driver will be happy to accept.

Please understand this is different for UberTAXI rides. In cities where there is an option to book with a licensed yellow cab, you do have the choice to set a gratuity percentage that can be added to your trip fare. But, do not get this confused with the other car services because you cannot add gratuity – only UberTAXI.

While conventionally we are using to tipping, it is a different ballgame when it come to ridesharing and especially with Uber. The payment for your ride takes place on an app and you may assume that a tip is already included (but it is not) . Some of us do not even know that you can tip, but just you know, tips are welcome.

If this has been giving you headaches, now you know.

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