Rider Concern:Why didn’t my promo code work?

Well, we’re sure there’s a pretty good reason behind why your promo code didn’t and want work in 2018. Let’s take a look at 6 of them.

 Are you a new first time rider? If yes, then likely you didn’t enter a promo code prior to riding. In order to take advantage of the discount, the code must be entered prior to taking the trip. Contact Uber and they can help with this.

Uber Promo Code Didn't Work❷ Are you a real, real legit first time rider? Meaning, you aren’t trying to deceive the Uber system in some way and get a first time free ride that you are truly not entitled to are you?

You know the answer to this question deep down inside whether or not you have tried to pull a fast one here. Anyway, if you are trying to use this type of code it will not work because it’s only available to new riders. So no it want apply.:-(

❸ Inviting Fake Friends: This kinda goes with the one above. You haven’t created another account inviting yourself and then took a free ride on the fake account yourself have you?

If yes.

Chances are you have been caught! And Uber has taken away the free trip for violating their terms. Save yourself the embarrassing customer service response and don’t even write in complaining. Jokes on you.

Good Intentions

Okay, lets say on the other hand you had good intentions and you had a couple of friends or family members sign-up for Uber with your invite code via your device or maybe you created a real account for your mother and you used your device.

Unfortunately, this still will not get a pass. In order to be eligible for your free trip your invitee must sign-up via their own device.

Did You Set Your Account Up a While Ago? If yes, then likely your code have expired. Most promotions does have a expiration date. You can view the details of this promo by selecting the Promotion tab via the app. 

❺ You Already Used It: Are you sure you the promo was not applied on your last ride? Since promos are automatically applied towards eligible rides – it’s very possible that it has already been used. Go to ‘Your Trips’ in the app and look through a few of your most recent trips and select ‘Receipt’. The receipt will give you a breakdown.

❻ Ride Not Eligible: Some Uber coupons cannot be used against all service options. For example; there may be a restrictions where it’s not valid on TAXI rides or UberEATS.

❼ Wrong Country or State: Make sure your coupon is not country or state specific. Normally, codes can only be used in the country that it is for. So if you traveled to a country other than the one your code is for then it will not work. Same with state specific ones.

Here’s what Uber terms say about inappropriately earned rides.

Legal Terms

Uber reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any and all referral credits/rides at any time if we feel they were earned inappropriately.

Uber reserves the right to verify and adjudge the validity of the sign-ups generated via the above referrals.

Still Confused, Need Help?

You can get help with this issue via the app by going to Trips > Fare Review > Promotions > My promo code didn’t work for this trip.


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