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Few Creepy, Crazy Uber Stories

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Saturday, 07 May 2016 04:25 AM / Comments Off on Few Creepy, Crazy Uber Stories / 933 views

Bit of HumorCreepy, Crazy Uber Stories: Laughter is good for the soul! So lets look at some of Uber’s weird driver and rider moments.

If there is one company that has generated controversy in current history is Uber. Period. However, it doesn’t end there. Given the service that Uber offers, there are also many stories that sound too unbelievable to be true – or are simply weird. Nevertheless, they are true and happened to real people (riders, and drivers). Here are some of crazy stories that goes on in Uber’s world (sorry, we omitted any personal names and pictures respectfully):

1. The Best Way to Avoid a Ticket As an Uber Driver

An Uber driver was going to get a ticket for parking in a prohibited zone. However, Uber drivers don’t give up that easily. Using a technique he had probably mastered throughout his career, he was able to get away with it. How did he do it? He asked the rider to step out of the car and pretend to be his relative. It didn’t end up there, though. With a hug and an “I love you” statement he totally convinced the cop about the whole thing.Creepy, Crazy Uber Stories

2. The Overly “Polite” Uber Driver
A driver stopped at a spot to let two women cross the road. However, this is not your average “help the granny cross the road” kind of guy. He inconspicuously stared at their rears and asked the rider what he thought about them.

3. The 6-pack Tip
A driver who was taking a group of friends to a hotel room to have a good time noticed that they had left a garbage bag full of beers. It turns out, these guys were more generous than the driver initially thought they were – or were simply too drunk to keep drinking endlessly.

4. The Broken Record
Yes, we all love to play our favorite song over and over again. However, there should be a policy setting a limit for Uber drivers. A rider had to cope up with listening to “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” 6 times. Considering the fact that the song is 5 minutes long, this was well over half an hour of TLC’s hit song.

5. Run Away From People that Pee in Your Vehicle
This is a “something that happened to a friend of a friend” type of story. It turns out that an Uber driver was told by another driver that a woman had peed in his car the other day. Guess what, a few days later the driver picked up a woman who after some conversation told him she had peed on a guy’s car days back. The driver went as fast as he could and finally, saved his vehicle from a second “serial” attack. He promised to never ride after midnight after that.

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