Community Question: ☀Can You Use Uber at Disney World?☀

Before you plan your trip to Disney, you should definitely pre-plan your on-ground travel while there as well. The Uber app is available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android. The app will display all drivers in your vicinity and the expected time for the pick-up. Uber can be used at Disney World. Uber is currently considered the most efficient means to move around the resorts, to Universal and the parks.  We strongly advise that you setup your account prior to your trip.

Uber at Disney World USA

Disney California
Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
Uber Vehicle Options: uberX, uberXL, Select, Black, Assist, WAV
Pickup & Drop-off: West side of Harbor Boulevard, located south of Manchester Avenue and north of Disney Way| Driver can wait up to 15 minutes.

Walt Disney World Resort Florida
Address: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL 32830
Uber Vehicle Options: uberX, uberX + Car Seat, uberXL, uberXL + Car Seat, UberSele1ct
Pickup & Drop-off: No designated area. Typically your driver will enter in at ‘Walt Disney World Exits’ and your driver will have to pay a parking fee even though they are just dropping you off. You will be billed for the parking that your driver paid via Uber.

As you can see above, Uber has varying levels of vehicle service. For instance, their lowest service in terms of cost is Uber X that operates on ordinary cars. Uber BLACK service is the company’s original service that operates with professional licensed drivers and expensive cars. Thirdly, here is uberXL service that utilizes large vehicles to operate. Can You Use Uber at Disney World

Lastly, is the SELECT service that is the company’s most premium services using top of the line vehicles, but without the professional license. Please see the list below to better understand the vehicle options.

Uber Disney Vehicle List:

uberX – Holds up to 4 riders | Vehicle like Toyota Camry| Cheapest option
uberXL – Holds up to 6 riders | Vehicle like Ford Explorer| Cheapest SUV option
SELECT – Holds up to 4 riders | Vehicle like Cadillac CTS| Cheapest Luxury option
BLACK – Hold up to 4 riders| Black vehicle like Mercedes-Benz| Professional luxury option
SUV – Holds up to 6 riders | Black vehicle like Cadillac Escalade| Professional luxury option
ASSIST & WAV – uberX option, but for those traveling with a wheelchair, scooter or walker.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within 5 minutes, you will not be hit with a cancellation fee. Cancellation fee for uberX line of services will be $5.00. Cancellation on any professional, luxury vehicle type there is a $10.00 charge.

Fare Estimate: To get an idea of what it will cost to travel to and from Disney, please get a fare estimate here.

How Safe is Uber Drivers:

To ensure safety Uber does a thorough check on the background of each driver. The background check goes back at least 7 years. There is also a complete review of their driving record. The rating feature of the app also ensures quality service, it operates by allowing riders to rate their experience for each and every driver. Using Uber at Disney

Drivers that perform poorly are dropped from the platform. Once you request your Uber, the app will show you their picture, name and vehicle details. When the driver arrive, please match the driver up against the information in the app.

Uber Disney Tips | The following are some useful tips of using Uber services at Disney:

Tip 1: The average cost of using Uber services at the Walt Disney World ranges between $8.00 to $18.00 for a single trip using the uberX service. Uber’s trip cost is said to be about one third to half of the cost of hiring an ordinary taxi service for a similar distance.

Tip 2: The average time an individual has to wait to be picked up by an Uber is between four to eight minutes. This is fairly short on all standards.

Tip 3: Currently each and every single security check point and all Cast Members of the parking plaza in Walt Disney World are well vast with the Uber taxi service. This makes them willingly permit drivers to pass through and even exempt them from paying parking fees (on most occasions). All that is required of them is to display their identification card and clarify that they want to drop-off guests.

Tip 4: Visitors are advised to desist from showing their Annual Pass or even vouchers utilized at the parking plaza. If they do, their drivers will be given directions to park their vehicles at the regular parking lot. This is undesirable because it is located far off the park front entrance as compared to the drop-off points for guests.

Tip 5: UberBLACK drivers are the only Uber vehicles with exclusive rights at Orlando International Airport (MCO). With adequate planning, drop-offs by the standard UberX and pickups can also be arranged especially if the particular vehicle have a high drop-off frequency (ask your driver). Either way, both Uber services are much faster compared to the Magical Express service in Walt Disney World.

Tip 6: Uber has now launched a new service in Orlando called Uber+Car Seat. This new service offer parents at Walt Disney World an Uber vehicle that has a car seat in it. You will need to select this option in order for the correct vehicle type to be sent. On a rare chance that a vehicle with a car seat is not available, the only thing you can do is try waiting a few minutes and see will one come available. Uber at Disney Resort

Tip 7: To minimize the time you have to wait for your pick up by an Uber vehicle, ensure you pin mark where you wish to be picked up as you walk to the location. The only catch is that you should be able to arrive at the spot before the driver does. If you use this technique, experience indicates that the time you will take to wait for your ride is an average of two to three minutes.

Tip 8: Send a message to the driver after making a request for an Uber vehicle to inform them of your precise location (assuming you are not at the main lobby). This is because Global Positioning System (GPS) is sometimes unreliable.

Tip 9: Increase in pricing is becoming a thing of the past as driver numbers increase in the Orlando region. In case a surge in pricing occurs, there is a high likelihood that will occur between 8-10 am in the morning hours and between 9.30-10.30 pm in the evening.

Tip 10: If you leave an item behind in your driver’s vehicle, then you should contact your driver asap. Go back to the trip’s profile via the app and follow the prompts to report a lost item. The app will then connect you with the driver. Community SupportRider SupportCan You Use Uber at Disney World,Uber at Disney Resort,Using Uber at DisneyCommunity Question: ☀Can You Use Uber at Disney World?☀// Before you plan your trip to Disney, you should definitely pre-plan your on-ground travel while there as well. The Uber app is available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android. The app will display all drivers in your vicinity and the...Rideshare Support Community...