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Can Uber Drivers Bring A Friend?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Saturday, 20 Feb 2016 04:53 AM / Comments Off on Can Uber Drivers Bring A Friend? / 3603 views

Question: Can Uber Drivers Bring A Friend?

Answer: There’s been a lot of false information floating around giving drivers the impression (especially the new ones) that it’s okay to have a friend or family member in your vehicle while driving on the Uber platform. However, that is far from the truth. In your contract agreement you signed it states:

2.3 Your Relationship with Users. You acknowledge and agree that, unless specifically consented to by a User, you may not transport or allow inside your Vehicle individuals other than a User and any individuals authorized by such User, during the performance of Transportation Services for such User. You acknowledge and agree that all Users should be transported directly to their specified destination, as directed by the applicable User, without unauthorized interruption or unauthorized stops.

Breakdown The Policy: This basically means that you cannot have any unauthorized individual in your vehicle other than the one(s) your rider approves of. 95% of the time your rider will not approve of anyone else being in on their trip unless they are apart of their own party. We have heard from so many drivers who said that the rider(s) at that time said it was okay for so-and-so to be in the car during their ride. Can Uber Drivers Bring A Friend

Don’t Fall For The Okie Doke: Please, please understand that some riders will say anything just to get a ride where they are going, then they will later complain to Uber. Even if you call the rider up immediately after your have accepted their request to let them know that you have your wife with you and they say, “Oh that’s fine.”

You best believe even if they don’t directly complain to Uber about the extra passenger in your vehicle, they might leave you some sort of sneaky feedback like “Great conversation with you and your wife.” Or, something not so nice like – “Man next time leave your wife at home.” Although you cannot see their feedback Uber can. Each and every feedback is read and most of them are responded to – especially something like this.

What Will Uber Do About This: Depending on the severity of the issue, Uber might waitlist your account on the spot until they speak with you about this incident. After they have spoken to you and gave you a fair warning, they will then re-activate your account. However, Uber has a 2-3 strike policy. If they hear of anymore complaints, your account could be very well deactivated for good. 

Keeping It Safe: Rule of thumb, do not let your friends or family ride with you while driving Uber. If you fear for your safety you should invest in a dashboard camera or perhaps this is not the gig for you after all. If a rider ever makes you feel uncomfortable, as an independent contractor you can cancel the trip before even getting started or cancel anytime during the trip and ask the rider to exist your vehicle. Just let Uber support know!

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