Rider Question: Can I Order Uber For Someone Else?☀ Avoid Getting Banned.

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Community Answer: We get this question all the time; is it okay to request an Uber for a friend or family member?

A lot of people might think that it’s against Ubers’ policy to even allow such. However, that’s not true; you are allowed to call an Uber for someone other than yourself. But, is that a good idea?

Let’s look at some things you should think about before sharing your account:

Age: Is the person at least 18 years of age – you should not be requesting an Uber to go pick-up a minor.Can I Order Uber For Someone Else

Trustworthy: Hopefully if you are thinking about letting someone else use your account, this is a person that you can trust. The last thing you need is someone doing something stupid under your account that could risk or get your account deactivated.

Be Clear About Where They Are Going: Make sure you and that other person have already agreed upon how the Uber will be used. Will this be a straight, one-way ride or a round trip? Will there be multiple stops? Will the driver have to wait for them a long period of time if there are multiple stops?

We have seen in some cases that the person the Uber picked up had the driver take them on routes that end up costing the account holder way more than expected.

Unfortunately, you are responsible for the fare no matter how much it cost.

Telling Uber that you did not agree for them to take such a long trip won’t get you a refund. Sorry, there’s really no way around this.

One thing you could try is giving the driver a call and letting them know what’s going. Drivers are aware of riders using other people’s account understand certain circumstances from time to time so this want be nothing new to them.

Just let them know that you ordered the ride for someone else other than your self and they are to take them to whatever arranged destination you guys have discussed.

Cleaning Fees: A lot of Uber account holders often request a ride for someone who is drunk or maybe ill. This is fine, but remember if this person get sick in the Uber, you will be billed a cleaning fee. Cleaning fees range from $20 – $150 at this time. This will be a fee on top of the fare.

Illegal Activity: You should not request an Uber for someone who has the potential of doing something illegal under your account like dealing drugs, robbery, etc. This will not only get your account deactivated, but you might also find yourself investigated by law enforcement.

Assault On Driver: Is this person hard to deal with in real life? Nasty, slick talking mouth? Easy to get ticked off and ready to fight at the drop of a dime? Then, this might not be a person you want to send an Uber for. Sometimes dealing with an Uber driver takes some patience.

Physically assaulting an Uber driver will get your account disabled. And depending on the circumstances, verbally assaulting the driver can also get you banned.

If you still would like to proceed with sending an Uber for someone else – here’s how to do it effectively:

Make sure you set the pick-up location to the correct one. Especially, if you and the person who needs the Uber are at two different locations.

❷Once the trip has been confirmed, call your driver to describe the person being picked up – letting them know that it will be someone else other than yourself.

Provide the person who is taking the Uber the driver’s license plate number, name, and phone number so they can confirm the driver’s identity and location.

Please note that at this time it’s not possible to request more than one ride from a single account so if you’re requesting for someone else, you’ll have to wait for that trip to be over to request for yourself.

You Changed Your Mind: If you have decided against requesting a ride for this person, then it might be in your best interest to know that if you share your invite code with them and he or she downloads the app and take the trip under their own account, you’ll earn a free ride up to $20! Just head to **Get Free Rides** on the left-hand menu in your app to see and share your code.

That way, you will avoid having any issues under your account you have no control over.

Page Updated: 01/11/2018

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