Driver Concern: ☀Drive For Uber If I Don’t Have A Car☀

A concern has been raised by many potential drivers in 2017 like yourself who want to know whether they can drive for Uber, yet they do not own cars. Unfortunately, the answer is NO since Uber does not own a car.Can I Drive For Uber If I Don't Have A Car

But… Do you have a friend or family member’s vehicle you can use?

Well, if the answer is YES!

Then, you may still qualify to drive with Uber. All you need is to be covered under their insurance policy. You do not have to be the primary insurance holder, just listed as an authorized driver.

You probably be thinking, “What about the registration of the car, it’s not in my name?”

The vehicle registration does not need to be in your name. It’s okay for it to be in their name. What’s more important is that the registration is up-to-date and you are insured.

However, if you do not have a car to use at all – the good news is that Uber has joined hands with Enterprise Rental. Drivers are now able to rent cars so they can drive on the Uber system!

This service has been made available in some few selected cities including Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New Jersey, Boston and San Diego. More added soon!

Even if the program is not available in your city yet, you should consider reading how the program work. Therefore when it does, you will know already if it’s something you would like to take advantage of or not.

How can I know if I’m eligible?

To know whether you are eligible for admission to access this service, you must meet a few requirements, including:

○You must be a sanctioned driver on Uber, having passed a background check
○You must be 25 years and above
○Your driving license must be current and valid
○You must have in possession either a debit or credit card that is valid
○You must be have an outstanding reputation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and permit deductions of the rent charges from weekly Uber earnings

What do I do to get a car?

First and foremost, you need to start the basic application process and pass your background check. Then you will need to consent to the rental solution program terms, which can be done here. After this, you can be allowed to visit Enterprise to start the application process for a car.

What types of vehicles are available for rent?

Low mileage mid-size cars are usually available, including Toyota Corolla, , Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Dodge Dart among others just to name a few.

What amount is needed to rent a vehicle?

The rate stands at $215 weekly for Uber driver-partners. This rate, however, does not include the additional tax, fuel and fees payments. Note should be taken that this rate is applicable only in approved locations as stated above.

For startups the following are required as a qualification at the time of rental:

$250 refundable deposit and a renters consent to have their rental bill deducted from their Uber earnings on a weekly basis.

This fee is refDriving Uber Without A Carundable within 30 days after returning the rental vehicle.

Deductions of any outstanding rental charges are made on this amount.

$40 nonrefundable start fee payment.

We must point out that the above rate does cover unlimited mileage.

What happens if I’m not able to drive enough to cover all my rental charges?

If your earnings at the end of the week are not enough to cover the rental charges, then Enterprise will automatically charge any outstanding balances from your payment card you provided during registration.

■ What types of protection are provided for the vehicle?

Basically two types of protection are provided: liability protection and damage on vehicle protection. The rental fee is inclusive of the liability protection and varies depending on the usage stage.

The protection against damages on the physical parts of the vehicle is also charged as part of the rent for any damages exceeding $1000. This is either by Uber or the Enterprise insurance cover.

What happens in case of an accident with the Enterprise vehicle?

When you get involved in an accident, make sure you inform the center where you selected your vehicle from by making a phone call. The claims representative will handle your claim and contact you for more information on how to handle the situation besides providing you with information on vehicle coverage.

However, for the general maintenance of the vehicle, besides accidents, manufacturer –recommended maintenance is usually preferred. All you need to do is take back the vehicle to your selected enterprise location and care will be taken for you.

How long can I use the vehicle?

Usually you can keep the vehicle for between 7days/ one week and four weeks/ 28days. However, in case you want to have the vehicle for an extended time period, it is recommended that you notify Enterprise.

They may request that you bring the vehicle in for a trade off or for further checks. Nonetheless you can have your time period extended if you would like.

■ Is it possible to get another vehicle in the future if I return the vehicle?

Yes, you can. If you hold a good relationship with your local Enterprise branch and still qualify as an Uber driver, it is possible to access another vehicle at any time in the future. All you need to do is book a reservation.

Can I use another rental car company?

No. Uber does not allow rental cars. Only exception is if you have been approved to drive by them and the vehicle is from Enterprise.


You can use a friend or family member’s vehicle if you are covered under the insurance. If this is not an option for you, you can always take advantage of the Enterprise program if you live in a city that has the program available.

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